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Public Internet Explain
Public Internet IP
/ available IP, 1 gateway address, 1 network address, 1 broadcast address.
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Operating System
The system name marked with "-EN-" in the name of the Windows system is an English version of the system, and the one without this designation is a Chinese version.(Extensible 100 IOPS and 3.2 Mbps throughput per copy)
Cloud Disk(Maximum 14 disks per server)
Original Name High Performance HDD HDD SSD Disk
IOPS limit 3000 200 5000
Throughput limit 96MBps 32MBps 96MBps
Typical use case Mainly used for small and medium databases, logs and other frequently accessed or high I / O scenarios. Mainly used for backup, archiving and other infrequently accessed or low I / O load scenarios. Mainly used for large databases and other ultra-frequent access or high I / O scenarios.
Purchase Additional Performance Package Not support Not support Each increment includes 100 IOPS and 3.2Mbps,the maximum number of purchase: 50
Performance Enhance Package(Scalable 100 IOPS and 3.2 Mbps throughput per copy)
IOPS:Up to 5000 + 0;Maximum Throughput:96Mbps + 0.0Mbps
Cloud Disk Number Cloud Disk Type Cloud Disk Size(GB) Performance Enhance Package(unit) Modify
0 System Disk(
20 delete
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(The costs estimate provided by this calculator is a reference only. Actual charges will be subject to the GIC billing center.)